A Royal Wedding

I find it fascinating how fascinated we Americans are with English royalty. If there’s a royal funeral or baby, many of us are heavily into the media coverage. But a royal wedding? A romance for a member of the king or queen’s family? Well, that really gets us. Last week’s wedding had a record number of Americans throwing wedding teas and parties, complete with English tea and wide-brimmed hats, just to celebrate the grand event. Our founding fathers would find that hard to understand. They wanted to get as far from royalty as possible back in 1776!

I enjoyed the coverage I saw of the wedding myself, particularly the homily/sermon that Pastor Curry delivered. But I particularly enjoyed the insights into the prince and the new princess, and the thoughts they inspired in me.

This union couldn’t have been fathomed in 1776. In fact, probably not even 50 years ago. Here we have a bi-racial woman marrying a Caucasian “pure-bred” white male. (Please don’t be offended.) She is a commoner, marrying a descendant of centuries of royalty. She is a divorced woman, marrying a never-married man. She is an America woman, a child of the colonies, the melting pot that is the run-away child of England and all the other countries whose disenfranchised children came for a new home. He is a dipped and dyed very proper English gentleman. We could add to the list, but you understand what I am saying. She was an unlikely candidate for royalty. Yet on Saturday, the entire world watched Meghan Markle become Duchess, wife to the prince, in a very formal ceremony. Though royals typically sign with their first name, she is actually Mrs. Harry Mountbatten-Windsor.

Three years ago she probably could not have imagined what took place Saturday. Meghan didn’t have any of the qualifications one might expect to become accepted into the royal family. I watched her mother’s face as they kept returning the camera to her. I wondered what was going through her mind. She probably thought, “I can’t believe this! How is all of this happening?” It’s happening because royalty chose her and saw her as worth loving. She responded to the invitation with enthusiasm and joy, and there they are!

All of that reminds me of my position in Jesus Christ, and yours as well. We have absolutely zero qualifications to become part of God’s family. In fact, we have strokes against us, plentiful reasons why we could not. Yet while we were still sinners, still unworthy, God loved us and issued the invitation to belong to the family through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When we accept the invitation, we too become children of the King! Part of the royal family.

It has been said that one of the things that attracted Harry to Megan and drew them together as a couple is her work with the poor and the broken, a compassion reminiscent of his mother, Princess Diana. Now that she is royalty, she has resources available to her that exponentially increases her ability to do good for so many. So it is with every Christ-follower when we are adopted into the family of God. Our opportunities to show compassion and make a difference in the world increase more than we can imagine, and with them comes the resources and power to do it.

We are the sons and the daughters of God. Royalty. Welcome to the Kingdom. You are highly favored and blessed.


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