Passion Week

This is Passion Week. The name many may be more familiar with is Holy Week. It is the week when Jesus Christ steadily moved toward the cross with full knowledge that He was about to willingly give His life for lost mankind.

Passion is a confusing word in our culture. We get the words “passion” and “enthusiasm” confused. We say we have a passion for pizza, music, travel, a favorite television show, a relationship. That’s understandable when you realize these people are speaking of passion in terms of desire, anticipation, and excitement. They really want something and are really excited to be sure they get it.

That’s why some people are confused about the title of Mel Gibson’s famous movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” about Jesus’ last week. What could that possibly mean? For sure not the same passion described above. Jesus wasn’t excited or amped up or moving forward with excitement.

The word in its original meaning signifies a willingness to suffer; suffering. So when we refer to the Passion of the Christ we mean “the suffering of the Christ.” What was He willing to endure, to cry about, to suffer for? You know that answer. He was willing to suffer for you and me, for all of mankind, to forever enable the forgiveness of sins and our victory over death. His suffering did so much for us. We can be forgiven, set free, and because He rose from the dead, so will we. What tremendous pay-off for His passion.

What are you truly passionate about? In order for you to be passionate as Jesus was, it has to be. . .

  • not for yourself, but for others
  • consistent, not driven by emotion
  • something you are willing to suffer, perhaps even die for
  • something that has eternal consequences.

Your life got short, quickly, didn’t it? Mine did. Just thinking about this makes me self-conscious to lightly mention my “passion.” Is it really passion, or just excitement and enthusiasm?

Jesus definitely deserves my passion, not for Passion Week alone, but for eternity. Pray for me. I will pray for you.


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