Do You Know What Day Easter Is?

“Do you know what day Easter is?” You’ll get quite a few answers to that question, depending on the age, cultural background, religious perspective, or interest level of the person asked. You’ll get . . .

  • Always on a Sunday—this year April 1.
  • Sometimes in March, sometimes in April.
  • The same this year as April Fool’s Day.
  • A day we get loads of candy from the Easter Bunny.
  • Another made-up Hallmark holiday.
  • A day we eat ham.
  • A day that means spring is coming.
  • The celebration of Jesus’ resurrection! He is alive!

Of course I believe the last definition is the one that squarely hits the target. Easter is the announcement that Jesus has conquered death once and for all! He is alive again, freeing us from the power of sin and darkness, and now we have life forever. We can beat death because He did. We can live with joy and have a better life, with more satisfaction than we ever dreamed.

Everyone you know needs the message of Easter. Everyone needs the opportunity to have this relationship with Jesus. And this is the second best explanation of what day Easter is: Easter is the day when more people are open to an invitation to attend church than any other time in the year. Isn’t that amazing? The very day that the message they most need to hear is presented most clearly and profoundly is the day they are most willing to come. That’s an “Only God” arrangement!

We have a tremendous opportunity. We all know people who need the message and this opportunity. It would be extremely negligent of us to let this season pass without connecting these people with Jesus! NewPointe’s teams have been busy at work, praying for creativity, practicing hard, getting everything in the best order they possibly can. They are leaving no stone unturned to make the pathway to Jesus as clear and attractive as it can possibly be. There will be no better time to invite and bring your friend, your neighbor, your hairdresser, your grocery clerk, that student who moves your heart . . . you know who you think and wonder about. You know that person who has caught your heart and eye and made you wish for their heart needs to be met. What if God is working with that person right now, preparing his or her heart for this great opportunity?

I don’t want to miss out on partnering with God. Personally, I am inviting everyone I can to our Easter services. All together we have 16 services in 5 locations, so there will be one that will be convenient for every single person on our minds. Let’s start right now, so they can plan ahead. Invite them to JOIN you, to meet you at a service. If God is working and they are open and we invite, who knows what will happen?

It’s time. God’s time. Let’s be part of another Easter miracle.


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