What's Better Than Winning the Big Game?

Every football player probably has a secret dream of winning the Big Game, going to Disney, touching the trophy, and wearing the ring. For sure, if you make it to the ranks of the NFL, it’s a cherished dream and goal. So, when the Philadelphia Eagles made it to the Big Game for the third time, and actually won the 2018 game, it’s hard to imagine anything could exceed that.

However, Nick Foles, the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in Game number LII, just played in the biggest game of his career, but he’s preparing for something even bigger: becoming a pastor. Foles is taking online seminary classes through Liberty University with the goal of one day becoming a pastor in a high school.

Foles said, “High school is a time in young men’s and young women’s lives when a lot of things are thrown at them. So much temptation in this world; so much going on with social media and the Internet that I want to talk to them and address it and share all the weaknesses I have, because I’ve fallen many times.” Foles added. “It’s something I want to do. I can’t play football forever. I’ve been blessed with an amazing platform, and it’s just a door God has opened, but I still have a lot of school left and a long journey.”

Nick Foles ranks being a pastor right up there with being the starting quarterback in the Big Game against the New England Patriots. Actually, Foles almost quit the NFL to become a pastor, but he and his wife prayed about it and decided to give professional football one more shot. “A lot of people say, ‘Wow, aren’t you super excited that you made that decision? What if you wouldn’t have?’” Foles said Thursday. “But I look at it this way: I’m grateful to be here; I’m grateful to have the opportunity to play in this game, but at the same time, if I had made the other decision, my life wouldn’t have been a loss. I would have done something else that would glorify God.”

Interestingly, Nick is new at being a starting quarterback. He was a backup just a few months ago. Carson Wentz, the starter, had a season-ending injury. But, as a fellow believer, Wentz took the change in circumstances with faith that God was doing something great. It wouldn’t be any team’s first choice to go into the Big Game with a backup quarterback, but Foles inspired the Eagles’ confidence because his demeanor never changes. The quarterback’s coach John DeFilippo said, “Nothing rattles Nick. He can be going through a tough stretch, going through a tough couple series, and he’s the same guy when he’s throwing four touchdowns. That’s a unique quality to have as a quarterback in the National Football League. With Nick Foles, you don’t have to worry about this stage being too big for him.”

Foles said, “Every time I play the game, every time I speak, it’s to glorify Him.” That’s a unique quality for anyone to have. When your purpose and goal in this life is to make an impact that lasts beyond this life, you have found something better than winning the Big Game. And you don’t have to be an NFL football player to find it.


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