Remembering and Imagining

PointePalooza! What a powerful, fun day! What a day of great memories for all of us at NewPointe! More than 3,000 attended and over 2,500 burgers and more than 600 hotdogs were grilled! Those are impressive stats—but here’s something even better—more than 100 people were baptized! What a spectacular time of remembering and imagining.

We have so very much to be thankful for as a church. We have a 90-year history full of miracles.

  • Over these 90 years, the people of NewPointe have dreamed big. Because we serve an incredible God, one who is good, great, and generous, we have repeatedly believed God for the   impossible. You haven’t really trusted God until you’ve attempted do something you can’t do with your own resources and strength.
  • We have expected God to act. Time and time again we have seen Him not only come through but surpass our dreams. We have persevered when things didn’t happen quickly, and He has never disappointed.
  • We have loved everybody. There has never been a person who is unwelcome at NewPointe. We express our love through sacrificial serving in Jesus’ name.
  • We have repeatedly risked failure. We have realized that faith requires risk, and so we have never played it safe.
  • We have sacrificed and never given up. There are no free lunches, don’t kid yourself. If you are enjoying something that you did not sacrifice for, count on it, someone else did. We have
    learned that those who sacrifice the most are the ones who experience the greatest joy and fulfillment.

And those five decisions have brought us to the place where we have five multisites and more than 5,000 people, every day influencing the world and bringing hope and healing to this broken planet. Nothing has inspired me more this summer than going back over these decisions and memories and seeing how God has rewarded our faith. God told the Israelites and tells us . . .

Remember what you have learned about the Lord through your experiences with him! It was you, not your children, who had these experiences. You saw the Lord’s greatness, His power, His might, and His miracles. Deuteronomy 11:2-3 TEV

So the next generation will know, and also all the generations to come . . . Tell the stories so your children can trust in God. Psalm 78:6-7 MSG

Patty and I scheduled a family dinner for all our kids. We put it on our calendars to make certain we were all in attendance. We wanted to take those words seriously and make sure the next generation in our family knew what God had done. So, we gathered together to walk them through the years that we have been a part of the group of people who became NewPointe. We shared about the times that we sacrificed as a family because of specific challenges that would help us reach more people. We told them how God supplied and did incredible things in our lives because of it. We shared stories of people they now know as great Christian role models and leaders who came to Christ because NewPointe was here. We talked about transformation after transformation, miracle after miracle. We hung out at the table for several hours just sharing.

We were able to share with them that the fastest and greatest way God has developed our trust in Him was through giving our money to God projects that brought people to Christ. We told them from the depth of our hearts that we wished we could give them our faith, but that all we can do is tell them the stories of how God has worked in our lives and hope they will give God opportunities to show up BIG in their lives.

I believe this is HUGE: passing it on to the next generation and building our children’s faith. Psalm 78 says that telling our own stories is a vital step in building our children’s faith and trust in God. I encourage you to do this. In fact, I urge you to do this. If you don’t have any stories yet, ask God to help you risk and trust and write some. Nothing else will influence and impact your children’s faith than to see and hear about God’s miracles and work in your own lives. Your personal testimony of obedience and faith has the potential to impact your son’s or daughter’s experience with God more than anyone else on planet earth.

The best is yet to be for us. NewPointe’s future gets brighter and brighter as we obey God and inspire the next generations to get on board, too. Our God is BIG! Imagine what we can do with Him!


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