My family and I are on vacation right now. I didn’t always feel this way, but now I realize it is one the most important priorities in the year. It is easy to think of reasons to NOT have a family vacation: Money is too tight, we don’t have enough time, we don’t think everyone will get along. If you don’t make it a priority, you will always find a reason not to do it.

You don’t have to go away, and you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to make vacation good. You can have a stay-cation: Stay at home, but make it a vacation by changing what you do, deliberately making it a time to relax and rejuvenate instead of trying to catch up on work. The key is that you give yourself a break, reconnect with family, and let your soul breathe.

These are the reasons we will always make time for vacation:

1)  Vacation gives space to spend quality time with your family. Parents and children are consistently on the go. There is work, school, after school programs, sports, and other activities. There may be very little time to sit down and have a conversation with your children. You have the weekend, but the weekend may not be enough to catch up on things happening in your lives. Spouses have their own responsibilities, and sometimes during the course of a year, husband and wife become fellow warriors and teammates, but the fun is gone. Vacations will pull a family together and reinforce the fact that quality time is essential. You’ll have reason to remember why this family is actually the joy of your life.

2)  Taking a vacation allows you and your family time to lay back and relax. Everyone works in the family, not just the parents. Parents and children face a lot of things on a day-to-day basis. School is a child’s job, and she often has a load of homework to do in the evening. There are music lessons and sports practices and so much required. Parents work long hours to provide for their families. Often a parent has to bring work home from their job. Then they need to help their children with homework, cook, clean, and prepare the household for the next day. Baths and personal hygiene for everyone eats up the evening earlier than one would wish.

A family vacation will definitely put the daily routine aside for just a little while and allow you to relax and renew. It is wonderful to be able to see each other in those ways. Whether you go away or stay home, enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Do things you would not normally do with your family on a normal schedule. Vacations are meant to enjoy each other without worries.

3)  Taking a family vacation will create fond memories. My wife scrapbooks our times together. Years from now we will be able to relive these great days. Maybe you could save photos on your computer, make a summer video, or keep a journal. Years from now you can open up an album or view a video of your vacation and relive the wonderful memories once again. Memories are to be cherished and remembered for as long as you live.

4)  Taking a vacation allows you to experience new things. Whether you and your family take a vacation out of state, or visit the state parks in your own area, there is no doubt you will all learn different things. Look at where you are in whole new ways. Stay up late. Do something different. See how much you can enjoy that you have never done before. Watching your children do new things, and them seeing you try something new will create terrific memories.

5)  Vacation gives you time to share spiritual experiences. Often during the hectic pace of everyday life, we intend to pray together and share our spiritual journeys, but we never get around to it. Vacation is a slow and easy time to connect on an intimate level, and hear the other person’s heart. The things you share about your journey, and the prayers you pray together will be among the best memories you will have.

Don't let opportunities to take a family vacation slip away. You and your family will benefit from a well-earned break. And when it’s time to return to your normal schedule, all of you will have a clear mind and a stress-free start. Your love will have deepened, and your treasure chest of memories will be packed.


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