We’ve been thinking about three major contributions that a believer can make to another person’s life, particularly the lives of our children and families. The first is exposing them to a growing relationship with God. The second is exposing them to the people and power of God in His church. The third is exposing them to the thrill of being used by God.

Mother Teresa said, “Your life can be a glove with God’s hand in it.” There’s no greater thrill than that—knowing that through you, God is touching, shaping, changing, and loving the world. The greatest joy in life is the thrill of being use by God for a purpose greater than yourself.

One of the psychological discoveries in the last decade or so has been that, though people have been experiencing success in business, work, and finances at unprecedented rates, self-worth and satisfaction are waning. We didn’t realize that success doesn’t automatically mean significance and a lasting legacy. Over the last years, the newsfeeds and documentaries have been full of stories of CEOs who left their businesses in their prime to do something philanthropic; people who ran away from an outwardly thriving life because inside they were so empty. Talk shows and pop psychologists have multiplied, dealing with the dissatisfactions and despair of people while we watch. What’s the root of this?

We have forgotten why we are here: “For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago” (Ephesians 2:10). We can never be fulfilled until we are doing what we were created to do. That is the genesis and the source of our significance. God delights to use anyone: boy or girl, man or woman, who makes himself available to Him. I suspect that if we investigated we would find in most hearts a basic hunger to be used of God. If you have been a Christian for any length of time you have experienced something of this and you know the joy of it, the glory of it, the sheer excitement of it. There is nothing quite like the sense of having been a channel of divine activity, of having been used to do God's work.

I suspect there is a hunger in your heart to be used of God, not merely occasionally, but consistently—to be used, not accidentally, as sometimes happens, but with full and willing participation in God’s plan for you. Would you like to be used to heal, to make right, to restore, to break down walls, to repair what is shattered and fragmented, to deliver from oppression, from bondage and enslavement, to enlighten and open eyes, to illuminate reality, to dispel darkness, and to empower, enrich, and fulfill. All these are descriptions of the work God is here to do, and what He will use you and your loved ones to do if you are available to Him. It is exactly what God proposes to do with each one of us. This is what gives meaning and purpose to life.

By being part of a community of believers, you and the people you love have a golden opportunity to be coworkers with God and other incredible people, being used by God to do mighty and lasting things in the world. We have the message of hope that the world needs. We can invite those we love to share with us as God uses us to strengthen, encourage, and bring hope and healing to others. They will pick up the thrill!


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