Last week, we observed that there are three major contributions a believer can make to another person’s life, particularly the lives of our children and families. The first is exposing them to a growing relationship with God. The second is exposing them to the people and power of God in His church.

God makes Himself known through people. All throughout history, we find that God chose to use people as vehicles to show His love, character, and power. Starting in the days right after His death and resurrection, He told His followers over and over that He was going to give them power through the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of His power to the world. The early church took it to heart and built communities of grace and truth where healing and restoration, joy and purpose, were available to everyone. The good news exploded around the world.

Today it is still true. When we hear from God through someone or when we see God in someone, our own faith and trust grows. When you surround yourself and your family consistently with people who know God deeply and personally, all of you will be in a position to know God and grow strong in faith that will lead you through life and take you to the incredible future God desires for you.

It’s not unusual for parents to overrule and discount the importance of attending church for ballgames, company coming, being a “little too tired.” It’s not unusual for people to not postpone family birthday parties until Sunday afternoon so they don’t miss church—actually, it is very common for many followers of Jesus to treat Sunday just like Saturday—another day off on the weekend, and we will go to church if nothing else interferes. If you do not make church attendance a scheduled priority in your life, rarely set aside, if you regularly set it aside for lesser things, you are sending a wrong and confusing message to other people in your life, mainly your kids. You are telling them that getting together with God’s people, as God provided for and actually commanded for His people, is a lesser priority than ball games, shopping, and parties.

Let me tell you how God has blessed our family. Our children from birth have had their lives impacted by the people of NewPointe. They are heroes of the faith to them. They have been taught by words and actions by people who know God personally, and they have chosen to live their lives like the people who have impacted them. They have been spared from many a heartache because of these wonderful influences. Their choices have been enhanced by the input of the persons who inspire and challenge them. Now, as young adults, their lives are bearing the fruit of the impact of these people of God who continually display His power and love. Their faith has grown and continues to grow and develop. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Our kids have also experienced the power of God working through NewPointe to bring hope and healing to a broken world. They have participated alongside others in mission endeavors locally, in the wider community, and around the world. They have been able to watch the videos and see the stories, and know people one on one who are walking exhibits for the power of God. They have been able to say with joy and pride, “Look what we did together!” They have no doubt—God can do anything! He brings hope and healing wherever He goes! They not only have read the miracles of the Bible, they have experienced the miraculous power of almighty God in His church.

What a privilege! Of all of the things God has enabled us to do, nothing beats this: exposing our children to the people and power of God in His church.


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