Exposing Others to a Growing Relationship with God

There are three major contributions a believer can make to another person’s life, particularly the lives of our children and families. One is exposing them to a growing relationship with God. The second is exposing them to the people and power of God in His church. The third is exposing them to the thrill of being used by God. I want to take a look at those one at a time because they are so vital.

When our relationship with God is growing, we are at our maximum attractiveness in life. Our lives are compelling, and by the very nature of who we are and how we live, we invite the interest of others. We are confident and assured. Our confidence in Him is BIG. Our trust in God is high, and gets more so the closer we get. As my confidence in God grows, so my personal confidence grows. As my personal confidence grows, my attractiveness and credibility grows as well. I have the maximum potential to impact another life for God when my relationship with God is thriving and growing.

Since having a growing relationship with God is of paramount importance, how can I ensure that my relationship with God is developing? Let me suggest three practical things you can do to make sure your relationship thrives:

1. GOD TIME. Every time you find a fulfilled and stretching Christian, you will find that they place priority on getting God’s Word into their lives. They specifically take time to read the  Bible, think about what God is saying to them, and apply it to their lives. They also spend time with God in prayer, talking to Him as a friend. Some write their prayers, some pray aloud, some use a list, some just talk straight from their heart as it comes to mind, some read their prayers. But they all pray. They all engage in regular conversation with God. It can be long or short, formal or casual. But if you are a growing Christian, God-time happens regularly.

2. GIVING. Giving freely of my resources as God has said to do is a sure sign of a growing believer. He doesn’t do it because he HAS to. He gives with a willing and cheerful heart, because he WANTS to. She believes that everything belongs to God. Where my treasure is where is my heart is. We know that money is important to us all of us. The truth is, when I can trust God with my money, it becomes much easier to trust Him with my kids, my health, my problems, my dreams. Money is the arena for the acid test of trusting God. So, a thriving Christian is on a great and generous adventure. He knows that God has all the resources available that he will ever need, and he trusts Him to supply exactly what is needed at exactly the right time. Her generous spirit is compelling and magnetic. Others want to live with that joy and freedom.

3. GRATITUDE. Regardless of circumstances, the growing Christian is choosing to be grateful at all times in all situations. He knows it is a choice. Because he believes that God can be trusted, God knows just what he needs, and that all good things comes from Him, he can wait on God’s timing with a joyful, patient spirit. She remains a grateful person in the ups and downs of life, and finds something that causes gratitude every day in every situation. Her attitude is so different from the norm that she draws attention in the very best way.

Do you know a Christian like that? If you do, I am sure you can point to the ways he or she has impacted your life. Now, our responsibility is to make sure our children, families, and friends are able to mention us as the person they know who knows God so personally that they want to know Him as well.


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