Easter isn’t really over.

What a wonderful day! The hope and joy of Easter Sunday actually blew me away. The world seemed to sparkle a little extra early Sunday morning as I remembered the resurrection of our Lord on a morning just like that! The worship of our services filled my heart to overflowing. But now it’s back to normal, right. Actually, no. Easter means NOTHING will ever be back to normal again. Jesus has forever defeated sin, death, and the grave. Hopelessness has been banished! We have an eternal relationship with the One Who created all and makes all things new! Easter changed it all.

Now our job is to live like Easter people. How do we do that? Live in hope and expectancy, and remember that the One Who defeated death will help me handle anything. I want to recommend three things you can’t do without:

1) Talk to your risen Savior daily. He is alive. You have access to Him through prayer. Don’t miss the opportunity to have His presence with you. Reach out to Him by simply sharing what’s on your heart, expressing your gratitude for who He is and all He has done. Talk to Him just like you would your dearest friend - that is who He is.

He will impress thoughts on your heart and mind as you pray, or as you read the Bible. Do that regularly, too. He will speak back to you in those ways, and whatever He impresses on you to do, do it right away.

2) Share the good news about what Jesus has done. Look for opportunities to tell people that Jesus is alive, just like the first Easter people did! Tell them YOUR story, and let them how you know He is alive -because of what He has done for you!

3) Be in church every week. Did you know that every Sunday is designed as a little Easter? Truth. Before Easter, the Sabbath was the holy day, and it was there because the Law said to remember the seventh day and keep it holy. But when Jesus died and was resurrected on Sunday, the early followers of Jesus changed their day of worship to a day of celebration. It was on SUNDAY, the Lord’s day. Every Sunday was intended to be a celebration of the fact that Jesus arose! He is alive, and because He lives, we will live also.

Easter isn’t really over. It never will be.


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