Not an owner

God doesn’t just own the universe; you and I belong to Him, too. God says, “You are not your own; you were bought at a price” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). When I see as God sees, I become deeply aware that I am taking care of things that are not mine. The way I handle the resources under my control speaks loudly about who I think owns them.

Paul’s Corinthian friends were living as if their lives were their own. Paul reminds them, “When you came to Christ, you signed the title of your life over to God. You belong to Him. Everything you have is His.” If you really believe that, isn’t it reasonable to ask God, “What do you want me to do with this money and these things that are Yours?”

The reverse offering we did this past weekend, where our attendees were given money, illustrates that point. Each one of us are to ask God to guide us in choosing a way to invest the money to produce spiritual results and build God’s Kingdom. This drives home the true nature of stewardship: that all the money and stuff we have belongs to God. He wants us to pray and then use it to make eternal investments.

When I understand that it’s not about throwing a few dollars in the offering on Sunday, or even giving “my 10%,” but that 100% of my money belongs to God, something amazing happens. Suddenly, I’m not God. Money isn’t my God. Stuff isn’t my God. God is God. He has me manage His money and His stuff, which is my tool to do God’s will.

When I grasp that I’m a manager, not an owner, it totally changes my perspective. Life becomes much clearer and easier when we consciously recognize this and actively live this way.

While you’re doing this “experiment” with the money given to you, ask God to help you re-evaluate all the resources you manage. Surrender any un-surrendered resources. You’ll like the difference it makes.

You will find out that when you learn to trust God with your stuff, you will begin to trust God with all the really important things in life: health, children, career, relationships, etc.


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