Connect with God

We believe that the way in which you live and experience the life God desires is by pursuing three vital relationships: connecting with God, connecting with others, and connecting others to God. When you and I are in intentional pursuit of these three relationships, we will never fall prey to becoming religious people who find themselves keeping God at arm’s length and living with a sense of frustration.

The first relationship is the most important one. Here at NewPointe, we believe that God is the ultimate power source for personal transformation. Lasting life change happens through intentional pursuit of Him. Our will power as human beings will never be sufficient in bringing about the transformation and the necessary changes in us that will lead to a fun, fruitful, and fulfilling life.

I believe that to develop a connection with God that brings about consistent life change takes time, transparency, and submission. 

How do we know if we are living in connection with God? 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How real has God been to you this past week?
  • How clear and confident are you of God forgiveness and fatherly love? To what degree is that real to you right now?
  • Are you sometimes overwhelmed by God’s presence and joy?
  • Are you finding the Scriptures (Bible) alive and active in speaking to you?
  • Are you finding encouragement from God’s promises? Which ones?
  • Are you sensing your own sinfulness, yet God’s grace of complete acceptance?

These questions will help you know whether or not you are connecting with God or just having a conversation with Him.

When we pursue connection with God, we will never be the same.


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