Born to Reproduce


Born to Reproduce – Are You Healthy?

The first order God gave to man was to be fruitful and multiply. Jesus said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (people).

This is something that every Christ follower is called to do. If we are really following Christ we are constantly and consistently investing in people, and when given the opportunity, inviting them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

At NewPointe our focus for 2017 is “Connecting Others to God” – becoming more intentional in following Jesus Christ by fishing for people. It is not only important for those we are investing in and inviting into an incredible relationship with their Creator, but for us personally.

Philemon 6 says, “And I pray that the participation in and sharing of your faith may produce and promote full recognition and appreciation and understanding and precise knowledge of every good [thing] that is ours in [our identification with] Christ Jesus [and unto His glory].”

One of the ways we can keep gratitude first and foremost in our hearts and lives is to constantly be pursuing a vital relationship with those who have yet to connect with God. I believe that when we do, it transforms us into being more grateful for all things. So, this begs the question: Whom are you investing in on a regular basis who does not know Jesus Christ as the forgiver of their sins and the leader of their lives? We can’t be all that God wants and has for us apart from it, which means we will revert to be staff and church people, which is void of a dynamic and attractive life in Christ.

Here are 10 questions we need to ask of ourselves as followers of Christ. I pray they will challenge you as they have me.

  1. Am I broken over those who don’t know God personally? Paul was willing to be accursed so others might be saved (Rom. 9:3). That kind of burden results in evangelistic leaders.
  2. Was I more willing to share my faith earlier in my spiritual journey? Our excitement for sharing our story often burns most brightly during the first months after we come to Christ. The problem is that most of us are far from those days – and too far from that fire.
  3. What keeps me from investing and inviting people into a relationship with Jesus Christ today? Honest evaluation is a good start toward improvement.
  4. What are the names of people who don’t know Christ for whom I am praying regularly? Your prayer life is a starting place to determine your passion for introducing people to the God of love. (21 Days of Prayer)
  5. What intentional connections am I making with those who do not know Christ? Who on my mail route does not know Christ?
  6. How many genuine friendships do I have with people who don’t know Christ? We won’t reach non-believers if we don’t know any of them.
  7. When was the last time I personally shared the gospel with someone? It is important tell the good news to somebody at least once a week. That’s a good start.
  8. Have I limited my evangelism to talking only with non-believers who come to me? It happens to most of us – we proclaim the gospel inside our ministry (church), and we fail to initiate evangelism in the street.
  9. Do my family and friends know my story of how I came to Christ? Do the people in my small group know my spiritual journey? If we don’t even tell our story to other believers, we’re not likely to tell it to the lost world.

Will I intentionally invest and invite people to Christ daily? Your answer to this question will determine what you do with the rest of these questions.


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