How Can I Help You, Babe? February 20, 2018

Having a better relationship is actually pretty simple. But it takes consistent effort. Come on. You are up for it. You can do this. You’ll be glad you did.

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Why Should I Fast and Pray? February 13, 2018

If you are going to fast and pray effectively, you need to grab on to a better motive. Actually, there are many good reasons to fast and pray.

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What's Better Than Winning the Big Game? February 6, 2018

Nick Foles ranks being a pastor right up there with being the starting quarterback in the Big Game against the New England Patriots. Actually, Foles almost quit the NFL to become a pastor, but he and his wife prayed about it and decided to give professional football one more shot.

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The Importance of Prayer January 30, 2018

Prayer is the most unexplored and unused area in the Christian life, yet it is one of the most significant things a Christian ever does. Prayer is communicating and relating with God, the God who knows us best and loves us most, and should be taken to heart.

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Poverty and Connections January 23, 2018

Right relationship is more than Sunday morning worship. No one knows me there. There is no way for my heart and needs to become visible, or the needs of others to become visible to me. That happens in small groups. When I am in right relationship with God’s people, they become aware of my needs and want to help me.

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