The Legacy of Truth January 17, 2018

Prayer is a wonderful thing, a wonderful resource. But truthfully, sometimes it is a cop-out. We piously say, “I’ll pray about that” when prayer is just a detour or a delay from doing what is right and just, and oftentimes even a command, not a suggestion from God.

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The Disney Experience January 9, 2018

You may get a few lucky breaks without planning, but the most satisfaction and the best wins go to the ones who have prepared.

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Tomorrow January 2, 2018

Nothing is more important than relationships. As you go into 2018, prioritize your relationships with Jesus and your family above everything else. Leave no one in doubt of your commitment and love. Forgive quickly; ask forgiveness quickly.

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Worth Celebrating December 19, 2017

Let’s face it. Adulting is hard. All of us have moments when we’d rather crawl back under the covers, and just let someone else take care of us.

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‘Tis The Season December 12, 2017

The angels promised “peace on earth” through this child who came to save people from their sins. Not that wars would all cease immediately, and conflict would be done at the moment of His birth, but that those who put their faith in Him would have peace with God, with themselves, and increasingly with others.

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