The Love That's Best May 9, 2018

Love that matters doesn’t just show up on a special day. It is consistent and dependable. It’s visible and strong on a good day and on a bad day. That kind of love IS.

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Drafted May 1, 2018

It is a great honor to be drafted into the NFL on any team, but it is even greater to know, recognize and embrace the truth that God has called us to serve on His team.

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The Shape of Our Perspective April 25, 2018

We spend a lifetime shaping our perspective by our choices. Then a day comes when we discover our perspective has shaped us.

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In It to Win It April 18, 2018

Far more importantly than an NBA player tossing the late-night distractions; the activities and people that get him off track from the pursuit, we must make sure our minds and hearts are willing to make the sacrifices and cuts that enable us to keep in hot pursuit of the prize.

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A Missionary or An Imposter? April 11, 2018

If Jesus is really precious to me, I can’t keep it to myself. There is no way I can have a high appreciation of Jesus and also have a silent tongue about Him.

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