Back-to-school September 5, 2017

It’s that time again. Back-to-school season is here. I remember the mixed emotions of that when I was there. It was always sad to see a fun-filled summer come to an end, but buying school supplies and reconnecting with friends at school was terrific.

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I'm glad we're family August 31, 2017

This past weekend, Patty and I had the privilege of taking our youngest child, Benjamin, to college. The morning before we left, the whole family had breakfast together to reminisce, laugh, and share the specialness of this transition time.

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THE STORY ON THE STONE August 29, 2017

My beloved sister, Jean Mason Potter, slipped away to heaven in her sleep a year ago on August 29. Strangely enough, she had just seen her doctor that morning who told her she was doing great and he didn’t need to see her for a year. Here it is, the week she was supposed to check back with him, hopefully to get another glowing report. We are instead seeing her gravestone installed where her body was laid to rest. She is healed and whole in heaven.

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Uncommon Fellowship August 24, 2017

I have lived my life in the church. I’ve been attending since before I was born. My mother carried me faithfully to worship, prayer meetings, social events, and to serve for all the months I was growing in her womb. Within weeks after my early spring birth, she had me in church again, just as soon as she felt fairly confident that enough germs from the winter were gone. My parents formed a habit for me before I knew how badly I needed what the church had to offer.

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Racism is real August 16, 2017

Racism is real. And it exists right here in the United States, the nation founded on the principle that all men are created equal. We have had compelling evidence for a long time of that, with policeman being killed, congressmen being shot, terrorist attacks, racial profiling, and now the most recent tragedy in Charlottesville.

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